Shanghai Forum 2009: Student Program

Call-for Paper

Shanghai Forum is an international academic forum hosted by FudanUniversity and sponsored by the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies. Under the general theme of “Economic Globalization and the Choice of Asia”, the Forum delves into building a platform for elites from the academic, political and business circles to exchange ideas and conduct multi-dimensional discussions on the major issues of world economy and international situation.

I. Student Program of Shanghai Forum 2009

Shanghai Forum 2009 will be held during May 11-12, 2009 at FudanUniversity, Shanghai, China. Upon then, about 300 guests of seven sub-forums shall be invited to the event and engage in in-depth discussions under the theme of “Economic Globalization and the Choice of Asia: Crisis, Cooperation and Development”.

Meanwhile, the Forum initiates Student Program this year, in order to gather excellence of the young generations and to inspire their speculations on the role and responsibility they will take against the background of globalization. The participants of this Program are to be called-for worldwide. Once invited, they are going to attend activities along with other invitees of the Forum for 2 days. Moreover, they are also encouraged to propose the creative and unique ideas at a student roundtable centered on “New Thinking and Alternatives Facing the Financial Turmoil”.

It is no wonder that not only the opportunities for discussing with world-renowned scholars, entrepreneurs and officials will be available, but a Young Leadership Union are going to be forged during the Forum.

II. The Topic

Under the topic of “New Thinking and Alternatives Facing the Financial Turmoil”, the participants are going to exchange creative perspectives on current issues and situations regarding financial and economic globalization, global governance, credit security and social responsibility, etc.

All presentation forms are applauded to show your personal views on the above topic, and all of your inspirations and suggestions for change and progress against the background of current challenges are welcomed to share as future leaders of the world.

III. Tentative Schedule

May 10, 2009 Registration

May 11, 2009 Opening Ceremony and Sub-forum Discussions (As Observers)

May 12, 2009

Student Roundtable: “New Thinking and Alternatives Facing the Financial Turmoil”

“Young Leadership Union” Special Activities: “Leadership and Social Responsibility”

Closing Ceremony and City Tour (As Observers)

IV. Notice

  1. English is the working language;
  2. This program is specially designed for enrolled students at universities and colleges. For those who may concern, please submit a 600 abstract in MS-Word format to the Student Program Secretariat through before March 10, 2009. Please use “Submission to Student Program of Shanghai Forum 2009” as your e-mail subject. All the submission should be original;
  3. The screen consequences are to be unveiled around April 2, 2009. Full papers (or Flash, PPT documents) should be submitted to the Secretariat before May 1, 2009. For each accepted paper, only one author would be officially invited by the Forum. These invitees could attend all the scheduled activities listed above, and present their submitted papers at the student roundtable;
  4. The copyrights of each accepted paper is to be reserved by the Shanghai Forum Organizing Committee;
  5. The Excellence Awards voted by all of the participants will be conferred on during the Forum. Additionally, all the participants will also be invited to a TV program with presidents of world-class universities (to be confirmed);
  6. For the non-local invitees, who do not stay or study in Shanghai, they will be reimbursed for round-trip airfares between their residency city and Shanghai (The maximum reimbursement will be mentioned in the invitation). The Secretariat will also take care of their accommodations during the Forum. For Shanghai local invitees, including international exchange students who study in Shanghai, they should be responsible for their own accommodations and airfares (or other travel expenses). The Forum will offer free local ground transportation to and from its official activities.

V. Contact Information

Shanghai Forum Organizing Committee, FudanUniversity

Add: 220 Handan Rd., Shanghai 200433, P. R. China