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International Conference Global Governance in Unsustainable World

Moscow, Myasnitskaya 20, room 101 15-16.11.2013

November the 15 th, Friday

10.00-11.20 Plenary Meeting

Global Governance: Objects and Subjects

Hilton L Root ( George Mason University) Global Governance and the Future of Liberal Internationalism

Sergei Afontsev (IMEMO) Efficiency-Legitimacy Trade-Off in Global Economic Governance

Andrej Krickovic (HSE) All Politics is Regional: Rising States, the New Regionalism and its Impact on Global Governance

Dmitry Suslov (HSE) Global Governance in an Inter-polar World

Carter Johnson (American Councils) International Management of Revolutions and Civil Wars

11.20-11.40 Coffee

11.40-13.00 I session

Financial Architecture

Anastasia Nesvetailova (City University London ) Governing the Dark Spaces of Global Finance: Financial Innovation and Shadow Banking in Light of the Global Crisis

Alexey Savatyugin (Former Deputy Minister of Finance)

Marcel Salikhov (HSE) Governance of capital flows: new challenges

13.00-13.20 Coffee

13.20-15.00 II session

Energy and Climate

Manfred Hafner, Johns Hopkins (University SAIS-Europe and Sciences Po Paris) Energy Governance European complexity

Carter Page (New York University and Center for National Policy) New Energy Technologies, Markets and Resources: Emerging Opportunities for Global Cooperation and Governance

Leonid Grigoryev (HSE) Governance in the Energy sector: interests and Compromises

15.00-19.00 Side Event

19.00 Dinner

November the 16 th, Saturday

10.00-11.20 III session

Global Problems: MDG, Food, Water, Climate

Alina Savelyeva (HSE) The role of global food problem in the modern world economy

Igor Makarov (HSE) -Global climate change regime: causes of crisis and possible medicines

Anastasiya Likhacheva (HSE) Hydro-hegemony under the cloack of water governance

11.20-11.40 Coffee

11.40-13.00 IV session

Country Level and Global Governance

Ronen Palan (City University London) Beyond Globalisation: Why Will the 21st Century be Dominated by Continental-size Economies conf.

Svetlana Avdasheva (HSE) Antitrust: Global V National

Alexander Kurdin (HSE) The Contribution of Transaction Cost Economics to the Global Institutional Engineering

13.00-14-00 Lunch

14.00-16.00 Plenary Meeting

Structural Changes in Global Governance and Agenda for the Future

Professor Maxim Bratersky (HSE) Governing Giant Economic Zones: Vertical and Horizontal Patterns

Xin Zhang (East China Normal University) When "Global Governance" meets "Good Governance

Alan Cafruny (Hamilton College, Fulbright Scholar HSE) Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Leonid Grigoryev Global Economic Problems and Governance what are chances for Stability?

16.00-17.00 Closing remarks